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Like every great story, ours is a long saga. Let's take you back to the beginning. Many years ago, Chis Kiley got his hands on a video camera and was making little short films and music videos for fun. Writing stories and making films were always a huge passion for him. Then one day, fate stepped in with the passing of his grandfather. At the funeral, his beloved grandmother approached him and whispered in his ear "Grampy was always so proud of you". With those words in his head, Chris vowed to live up to the pride his grandfather had for him. Backed by the support of his family and friends, Chris opened Resurgent Studios in 2009 and never looked back. 

  Since it's opening, Resurgent Studios has produced 3 feature films completely on their own. Yes the learning curve was steep and things weren't perfect but as they continued along their journey, some fantastic people joined the team and together they are heading into a bright future to bring you, the viewer and fans, exciting content for your viewing pleasure!


Resurgent Studios has created some dynamic twists to the horror genre.  Our team has a passion for taking traditional paradigms and molding them into something new! Our films will leave you thinking that our universes can be real.



CHRIS KILEY is the creator of Resurgent studios.  He write and directs all of the feature films.  He has also worked on other projects as assitant director.  Chris' two biggest passions are history and horror, and that shows in the originality of his films.  The stories all have a unique edge that makes them stand out from the horror movies we see today.


Chris loves supporting local business and art.  All the productions are filmed in Montreal and his team is all from Montreal.  Everyone on the team is passionate about what they do and willing to try it all the way to create those perfect shots!

SHANELLE NOAKES has been the editor for Resurgent Studios since 2011.  She works closely with Chris to ensure that his vision for the film becomes a reality.  She does the editing and the colour grading for the films.


Shanelle has studied film making since High School and has a University degree in Communication Studies.  She is passionate about filmmaking and is always present with Chris from pre to post production.

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